December 2011 List of Passers

Nursing board exam result 2011 is currently the most awaited by nurses who took the last year’s NLE. If you are one of them, I strongly suggest that you regularly visit this blog as I will be featuring here the complete list of test passers as well as the full details of the oath-taking schedule and PRC professional RN ID issuance with the requirements for paying.

In the meantime, in my call to provide useful information to all Pinoy/Pinay nurses in the Philippines as well as from other countries. I will be posting here download links where you can possibly get a reviewer for the upcoming NLE 2012 test this coming July 2012 so be sure to secure a slot from my subscription list.

Will also be regularly posting videos to help your career as RNs or nurses (still studying) get a boost. In my resources page is where you can find most of these information. Since this blog is literally new, please bear with me as I am still on the development stage of how I could be able to provide useful data in a form that will be easy for all nurses whether you are inclined to online sites or not or for whatever level of understanding you have with respect to online research.

I want to make your experience as easy and user-friendly as possible and in line to this, I ask you to be patient. Little by little, I am looking forward to develop a strong point of discussion that will help all nurses both in your career and in your field of study. Will also be looking forward to provide information on IELTS as well for those who will be looking forward to work abroad so stand by. I will be providing a subscription box here soon.

Watch full / complete list of NLE December 2011 Passers below taken from YouTube.Com

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