NLE Result December 2012

The official list of nursing board passers has just been released a couple of days ago. The new RNs were made public by the Professional Regulation Commission in the Philippines which handles all certification for Filipinos via examination of professionals in their respective field and career or college course. If you are a nurse, the test is called Nursing Licensure Exam.

With this view, I am opening up this new post to let nurses know especially those who were not able to pass the test and were not included in the list that I will be posting here updates for the upcoming schedule of NLE Result December 2012. It is yet to take place but as early as today, I am announcing that if you are either a first time taker or an nth time taker or if you failed last June-July exam, this page is where you can check out the next batch of examinee passers list.

In the meantime, I would like to place my congratulations to all who were able to make it to the passing rate set by the PRC board for nursing exam. You may also go check our list of jobs for nurses in the sidebar. Just click on the image to find out the latest vacancies for work abroad.

NLE Result December 2012

For those who were not able to make it, better luck next time. You can try to see our list of the different NLE review centers in Manila as well as in the surrounding provinces but be sure to make your own research regarding their respective records and reputation. Try to see their programs and the whole curriculum / syllabus for learning and teaching in the review for nursing board.

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