Nurse Sample Resume / CV / Biodata Outline and Content Tips

I remember back when I just graduated from college and we got used to calling the curriculum vitae with different names as we use it to apply for a job after graduation. Some common terms, just to enlighten readers of this blog are – resume, cv and biodata (bio data).

Now, in case you have already passed the NLE from previous scheduled examinations, one of the first moves you should consider doing is to professionalize the look and feel of your resume. Why, because this will reflect what kind of a registered nurse applicant you are. Furthermore, it will help boost your chance of getting hired for the first job your are going to apply for, knowing that qualifications based, you don’t have anything to boast up with in the first place. Not even the experience needed to get you a level higher in terms of qualification for getting hired as a professional nurse.

With more special skills and expertise to come forth, you are surely going to need to add up a lot to that cv / bio data soon and before that happens, let me guide you with what you ought to provide for a nice-looking professional nurse resume of yours.

As a registered nurse (RN), it is imperative that you provide potential and future employers and companies you are going to apply for a job with, an undoubtedly amazing experience whenever they look at your nursing resume. A document that is easy to look at and see your best qualifications. If you don’t have one yet, then to the least, make it look good and professional to portray what kind of a worker you ought to be if and should any company decide to hire you. Below are just a few pointers and tips to attain that goal which is to create an impression that you have what it takes for a professional nurse.

Defy Rhetorical Resume Format

First off, I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen some popular application cv formats by now because if not, you better see some here. Afterwards, you try to ask yourself what a compelling format should be and if you don’t have any idea, I’ll give you some possibilities that defy the regularities and raise your chances of getting hired by being unique and full of self-esteem.

Provide Images in your Curriculum Vitae

Images always attract anybody’s eye and when you have it in your biodata, your chances of not just getting noticed but hired increases but be sure not to overdo it or else, it will look like a song with the same notes used on it on and on and on. A good starting point would be is to provide your name with an updated photo of you, professionally dressed with proper attire and a choice of either colored or white background. White would always be nice but be sure that you wear something noticeable other than black or white dress or upper garment.

Use Borderlines and Horizontal Lines To Highlight a Field

Remember that to highlight a field in a glance, you can use certain elements of a letter, much more, for a resume. The use of borderlines on the sides will make your professional cv look neat and easy to the eye of the reader, therefore, this alone will help you get easily noticed that the HR or your future boss can’t take his or her eye away in amazement.

You can also use horizontal lines to highlight certain content or make some sort of special mention out of a really compelling content or qualification or awards you received from previous jobs.  Light-colored lines as well as borderlines will also do for your bio data. (Please see sample resume with borderline below)

Nurse Graduate Resume Format with Borderline and Horizontal Line

Summarize your Qualification with Short Descriptive Words

This is actually one of the secrets to arriving at higher chances of getting hired. By providing short yet compelling and descriptive words in your qualification profile as an applicant, you give way to the reader (possibly the HR or the boss) an overview of how excellent you are with your language and choice of words. Be sure not to use overriding words and those that are hard to understand. Make it simple yet descriptive so you can present your value proposition perfectly in your nursing resume. A short but not so narrative statement describing you will convey your message and eventually give the employer a good reason why you should be called for an interview.

Example Qualifications

A dedicated, registered nurse with the vision to perform on my peak all the time, I value personal preferences and discipline. Serving in the industry for 12 years marks my excellent track record as a nurse worker. I do this by providing quality personalized service to patient while making sure that I render a service-oriented daily task that is always ever improving and aimed at service quality as per instruction of my superior(s).

I have served for different departments in the field of nursing, making me one of the competent medical workers in a nursing home for 4 years, in a hospital for 3 years, home for the aged for 2 years and have worked in a hospice and private office settings as well in my remaining years. With a solid foundation based from experience and certified trainings for serving in emergency room, pediatric, oncology, long-term care and ICU and cardiology nurse position, I strongly believe I can follow standards therein and perform my duties based on a disciplined practitioner.

Educational Background

On this part, you have to simply list educational trainings attended and finished, certifications (if there is any) (be sure to attach copy), licensure exam credit, school academic honors received, scholarships as well as profession-related extracurricular activities and seminars attended.

If you are a new graduate or newly passed registered nurse (without experience), be sure to make it a point to place the education section before the experience section. This will help your resume reader to instantly know you had no intentions of a deceptive format for your cv.

Be sure to descriptively (but make it short) enumerate your job responsibilities from previous work. If you have special recognition awards received for serving with your best, by all means, show it. It helps them know you went beyond from just being the ordinary responsibilities of being a worker but instead you aim to be more than the professional nurse you are by seeing through what needs improvement in terms of service to the employer / department or company you work with.

If you have your own system which you follow when in duty, don’t forget to make special mention of it in short notice. This will make your future employer see how you envision to constantly improve workflow and enhance your skills of serving patient aimed at their very satisfaction. If you have specific techniques in helping build a solid rock positive employee-employer and co-employee relationship, by all means prove your point in short notice of words describing how you do it. Remember always that companies do build relationships with employees who see themselves as part of a team instead of as an individual. If there is an instance you did something which know you helped the company save time, developed good customer relationship and somehow indirectly helped the company earn extra revenue from it, by all means state that but again, be sure to be short and descriptive.

Take the following examples:

Remain composed, calm and professional during times of emergencies and patient critical needs.
Develop a personal level of treatment and person to person short conversation with patients, staff and physicians present in your area.
You can also state a proven record of reliability and responsibility in terms of work performance.

Remember that your aim with making an impression over the others is not to just give a good look at your resume  but that which is worth noticing by using content that clearly describes and recognizes true value for professional skills and quality of service rendered. See sample photo screenshot of nursing resume templates / format below.

Sample Nurse Curriculum Vitae

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