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Hello and welcome to all the readers of our blog – NLE Result blog. The fact that you came here is either you are a nurse who took the recent nursing licensure examination or you may be someone who had a friend of close family member who’d gone through the test by PRC and other nurse test and professional certification centers like PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) in the Philippines.

NLE Result 2012

If you took the exam and you are looking for the official release of the test passers, you’ve come to the right place. On the other hand, if you are a nurse who already passed, we might have some resources fit for your interest like career boosters category and job search category. This is our way of thanking the supporters of our blog for being there and letting others know we feature the complete set of results, room assignments and other matters involving nures around the world.

After reading this welcome address, we presume that you have already read our terms of service, disclaimer, privacy policy and about us page. If you still haven’t please do so. We encourage every visitor to see first what we are all about and what our services are. You can find our top menu bar for this purpose. By browsing through our pages we deem it with faith that you agree by our terms of service, privacy policy and disclaimer. Otherwise, feel free to leave our page. Thank you for understanding and may you all have a great day ahead.

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