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How to Become a Registered Nurse in Singapore (SNB)

how to become registered nurse in singapore

Singapore Registered Nurses

One of the most important qualifications for any nurse wherever he or she may be coming from (another country) is to become a full pledged professional. That is to become a registered nurse or RN. There are current standards for this of course, just like any other profession. For Pinoys or Filipinos, Canadian, U.S. citizen, Singaporean, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani or whatever country you may be coming from , the target or purpose is to become an accredited and recognized registered nurse and hopefully land a job as one. Continue reading

Nurse Sample Resume / CV / Biodata Outline and Content Tips

I remember back when I just graduated from college and we got used to calling the curriculum vitae with different names as we use it to apply for a job after graduation. Some common terms, just to enlighten readers of this blog are – resume, cv and biodata (bio data).

Now, in case you have already passed the NLE from previous scheduled examinations, one of the first moves you should consider doing is to professionalize the look and feel of your resume. Why, because this will reflect what kind of a registered nurse applicant you are. Furthermore, it will help boost your chance of getting hired for the first job your are going to apply for, knowing that qualifications based, you don’t have anything to boast up with in the first place. Not even the experience needed to get you a level higher in terms of qualification for getting hired as a professional nurse. Continue reading

Welcome to NLE Result blog

Hello and welcome to all the readers of our blog – NLE Result blog. The fact that you came here is either you are a nurse who took the recent nursing licensure examination or you may be someone who had a friend of close family member who’d gone through the test by PRC and other nurse test and professional certification centers like PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) in the Philippines. Continue reading