Advanced Cardiac Life Support TrainingOf utmost importance for all nurses in the world is to get in touch with authorized and world recognized nurse skills training centers. If say for example you live in the Philippines or India or Canada or in the United States of America and you are a licensed nurse (RN) in any of these countries, you should consider getting through with some of the essential nurse trainings as registered professionals. The competition is very stiff along the way and if you want to be competitive and ahead over others, you should get involved and get in touch with your groups of like-minded people.

Here at NLE Board Exam Results blog, we don’t just provide your official listings and results of nursing board passers but we also make it a point to provide available schedule of different trainings in your field.

American Heart Association TrainingExamples of these are essential life-saving skills for nurses are: ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), BLS (Basic Life Support), IV Therapy Training, Private-Duty Nursing Program, Clinical Instructor Training Program, Ward Clerk Training Program, Skills Enhancement Training for Nursing Attendants, Post-Graduate Course in Respiratory Nursing, Post-Graduate Course in Pulmonary Nursing, Oncology Nursing, Post-Graduate Course in Critical Care Nursing, Respiratory Emergency Nursing, Operating Room Nursing Program, Skills Enhancement Training for Nursing Attendants, Ward Clerk Training Program, ECG and more.

Registered Nurse TrainingsWith the different trainings listed above for Pinoys as well as nurses abroad, you bet that if you come from other countries, some of these trainings and courses may also be needed in your professional practice there so be sure to check out on the different training centers, schools and government health and medical centers / hospitals where some of these essential skills upgrade knowledge may also be had via enrolling or engaging on schedules set on a regular basis every year and at times, every month.

Some of the popular subjects to learn while enrolled or undergoing trainings as mentioned above may include:

  • IVT
  • ACLS
  • BLS
  • ECG Interpretation
  • Chest Tube Management
  • Practical Chest X-ray Interpretation
  • Airway Management
  • Pain Management
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Practical Oncology
  • Neurological Assessment
  • Documentation
  • Traumatology Management
  • Various Thoracic Procedures

With respect to the duration or time it will take to finish these courses, you may inquire to corresponding government agencies, hospitals or training centers. Schedule may depend on the availability of courses, trainors and proctors as well as their respective availabilities.

If you are from the Philippines and is asking about the curriculum status and enrollment or course tuition fees, the same goes with what I have mentioned above. However, just to give you an overview and tip on how much it will cost you, based from my research, it may take you from Php 1,000.00 – Php 10,000.00 while registration fees with government agencies offering any of the trainings in the Philippines would usually charge a low amount of Php 200.00 only. Some of the above mentioned courses and trainings for nurses are offered at the Lung Center of the Philippines.

Also, do check our list of trainings, training centers and nle review centers below for more information and guidance. On the other hand, to get a hold of our updates with respect to upcoming seminars, trainings and nurse news and jobs, just subscribe to us via our subscription form below this post here at NLE Result blog.

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